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  • Committed to inclusive, participatory and sustainable change

  • Dedicated to providing services based on evidence and best practice

  • Our past has prepared us, and the future inspires us

FCG Sweden - supporting inclusive, participatory and sustainable change​​​​​​​

FCG Sweden is a leading European development partner with many years’ experience of delivering high-quality outputs. We specialise in public sector reform, natural resource management, civil society strengthening, market development, and monitoring and evaluation. Using our wide-ranging expertise, we are committed to working closely with clients, partners and development specialists to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to development challenges facing our world today.

We are at the cutting edge of development innovation and provide evidence-based expertise to deliver maximum impact. We will work with you to build solutions that are:

Inclusive – ensuring that the voices of the most marginalised and disadvantaged people are heard.   Participatory – engaging all stakeholders in decision-making processes to maximise impact and strengthen democratisation.  Sustainable – building resilience to help people steer the direction of social, economic and environmental change.

When more people participate in social, economic and political processes, institutions grow stronger, economies become healthier, societies become more inclusive and resilient, and conflicts can be prevented. We use our expertise to help deliver change, on the ground, across a wide range of sectors that make a real difference to people’s everyday lives.


River Basin Management Plan for Drini i Bardhe


One of the key objectives of the Kosovo Environmental Programme (KEP) has, since its inception, been to increase the sustainability of the water resources found in the country. This is a key objective not only of the programme and the Ministry, but also of the Swedish government which has financed and supported this four-year programme. FCG has been part of this programme since the beginning in 2016, functioning as the chief consultant to the Ministry during the implementation period. As the...

Evaluating Danida support to development research


For the past year, we have been working with an excellent team to evaluate the Danida support to development research over the period 2008-2018. The report has now been published and can be accessed here.A total of around 2 billion DKK was granted to research projects assessed by the evaluation. The main aim was to provide insights that would help to shape future support for development research. Responding to 20 evaluation questions and guided by four evaluation criteria, the evaluation...

Celebrating 10 years of the Swedish-Norwegian Fund for Cooperation with Colombian Civil Society (FOS)


The Swedish-Norwegian Fund for Cooperation with Colombian Civil Society (FOS) was created in 2009 with the purpose of supporting Colombian civil society in its work for peace. In these 10 years FOS supported 93 organizations with 142 projects and institutional support throughout the country on issues related to peace and security, human rights with emphasis on victims of the armed conflict and human rights defenders, and democratization in relation to construction of peace.From 2014 to 2020,...

FCG Sweden at the 2019 Abu Dhabi World Road Congress


FCG Sweden and Adam Andreski took part in the 2019 Abu Dhabi World Road Congress, where Mr. Andreski gave a presentation of the third phase of the Liberian Swedish Feeder Road Project, currently implemented by FCG Sweden together with GOPA Infra.The feeder road project is unique in Liberia, where emphasis is placed on connecting the rural parts of the country to the bigger infrastructure networks, in order to increase access to health facilities, to markets and to schools. It is an important...