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    ORGUT and SIPU International are now FCG Sweden

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    We are committed to inclusive, participatory and sustainable development

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    Our past has prepared us, and the future inspires us

FCG Sweden - The new face of ORGUT and SIPU International

FCG Sweden is a consultancy company specialising in international development cooperation, with a focus on public sector reform, natural resource management, civil society strengthening, market development and evaluation.

FCG Sweden is the new face of ORGUT and SIPU International and is the trading name of FCG Swedish Development AB, which forms part of the Finnish Consulting Group’s global network, with subsidiaries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Combining ORGUT and SIPU’s experience with that of the wider FCG Group will give our customers and partners access to a much broader selection of services and best practices from a wide range of sectors and countries.

Working for well-being!

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FORVAC - A new forestry programme in Tanzania


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In association with FCG International, FCG Sweden has won a new forestry contract in Tanzania: “Forestry and Value Chains Development” (FORVAC), funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The programme has a total budget of 9.95 million euros and will be implemented for four years. FORVAC’s main priority is to increase economic, social and environmental benefits from forests while reducing deforestation. This objective will be achieved by developing value chains, by increasing...

Update from UNNATI - The Inclusive Growth Programme in Nepal


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UNNATI - The Inclusive Growth Programme in Nepal is funded by the Danish Government with a total budget of DKK 400 million. The key priority of the programme is to strengthen market-based growth with a focus on reducing poverty and improving living standards in Eastern Nepal. FCG Sweden is supporting the implementation of the components on commercialisation of value chains and on infrastructure. The development of four value chains are being supported through the programme: Orthodox Tea,...

Our work under Sida's Framework Agreement for Evaluation Services


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The Sida Framework Agreement for evaluation services is still very active – since October we have won five out of six contracts tendered for. These assignments cover various themes and geographic areas such as civil society in Mozambique, loans and guarantees in Zambia, wastewater management in Sri Lanka and transitional justice in Colombia.Quality is at the core for all our services under the Framework Agreement. During this last year, we have intensified our efforts on refining and...

FCG Sweden conducts organisational reviews of Civil Society Organisations for Norad


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We are proud to be the first service provider under Norad’s Framework Agreement for Organisational Reviews of Civil Society Organisations, initiated in August 2017. The Agreement will be running for four years. Up until now, we have conducted reviews of six different organisations: LHL International, Forest Trust Fund and AMAN; and ADRA, FOKUS and the Strømme Foundation.In common for these reviews is that we are using an assessment methodology based on the Abilities Framework, originally...
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