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FCG - working for well-being!

Welcome to FCG Sweden

FCG Sweden is the new face of ORGUT and SIPU International. Combining ORGUT and SIPU’s experience with that of the wider FCG Group gives our customers and partners access to a much broader selection of services and best practices from a wide range of sectors and countries. Together, we represent 40 years of Swedish expertise in international development consulting. We have a new name, but we are the same people, with the same values, passion and drive.

In places around the world, many citizens are left out - of the economy, of the social contract, and of the local and national political processes. Sometimes it’s the poor that are left out, sometimes women and children, sometimes indigenous peoples. When more people participate, institutions grow stronger, economies are healthier, societies are more stable and conflicts are prevented. 

Our mission is to support and contribute to the development of a society where everyone is allowed to participate - be it in public sector reform, forestry, land administration, market development or the development of civil society. We support our partners to create change and get results. Development buzzwords come and go, but we take a long-term view and make sure that development is inclusive, participatory and sustainable, no matter if the term of the day is aid effectiveness, empowerment or Doing Development Differently. 

As a private company, we have the independence to embrace innovative methods, and to quickly implement the latest research and tools. The competition with other service providers keeps us sharply focused on the goal of creating the most value for the least resources. Government institutions and NGOs are vital partners in our mission to realise the potential in low-resource areas of the world, but private companies like FCG Sweden will always be the cutting edge of development innovation.

FCG Sweden is the trading name of FCG Swedish Development AB, which forms part of the Finnish Consulting Group’s global network, with subsidiaries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. The company is the result of a merger between ORGUT and SIPU International. SIPU´s Swedish training activities will continue in the separate company FCG SIPU with the mission to provide innovative and high quality training courses for the public and private sectors in Sweden.



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