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Sida's Help Desk for Democracy and Human Rights

About the Helpdesk

The helpdesk provides quick expert support offered on request from both Sida Head office and Swedish Missions Abroad it the area of Democracy and Human Rights. The Helpdesk assignments can be up to 10 days of consulting work and are financed from the Strategy for Sweden’s Development Cooperation in the Areas of Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law for 2018-2022, therefore not requiring formal decision to finance each assignment.  

The help desk is managed by FCG Sweden (the result of the merger of FCG SIPU International AB and ORGUT Consulting AB, both of which have done many assignments for Sida for many years).

Jamie Smith (, Otto Nilsson Williams ( and Nathan Teitgen ( will manage the helpdesk from Stockholm and will call on a team of experienced experts from around the world.

The Helpdesk will be running during the period 2019 – 2021.