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Sida's Help Desk for Democracy and Human Rights

How to use the Helpdesk

The Helpdesk is easy to use:

Step 1: Initiation. Fill out the standard call-off request form (download the form) and e-mail it to the helpdesk ( detailing the support that you need and your assessment of how many work days it will require (maximum 10). The helpdesk team will help you further clarify your request if needed.

Tips for initiating a good assignment:

  • Gather up all the relevant documentation for the assignment
  • Specify in your request if there is a specific expertise you are looking for
  • Specify whether you think a field visit will be required
  • Think about what the output should look like

Step 2: Selection of consultant(s). The Helpdesk managers (Jamie Smith, Otto Nilsson Williams and Nathan Teitgen) will reply to your request and distribute the request amongst the consultants with the required expertise. If the required expertise is not available in the existing team of consultants, we can reach out to our broader network. The helpdesk team will in such a case propose the consultant to support the assignment.

Step 3: Discussion and agreement on deliverables. The consultant will contact the Sida staff member requesting the services, to arrange a short phone call to discuss and agree on the deliverables. This will be followed up with an email summarising the deliverables and timescale. This is an important stage and should not be skipped.

Step 4: Implementation and QA of the assignment. The consultant will carry out the assignment (e.g. desk study, training, analysis etc.) The final output will be quality assured by the helpdesk manager before final submission. If all of the 10 days are not used up, this is also an opportunity to expand the assignment if required.

Step 5: Satisfaction questionnaire and assignment closure. The Sida staff member will be sent a short follow-up satisfaction questionnaire and once this is completed, the assignment will be closed.

For more information on the types of assignments and the consultants in the core team please contact the helpdesk Information can also be found on Inside/Methods Support on Sida's intranet.


Fill out the standard call-off request form