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Civil Society

Supporting civil society to play a key role in democratisation

We have a longstanding track record of working collaboratively with civil society organisations (CSOs), to strengthen their involvement in countries’ socioeconomic and political development. We support capacity building in cooperation with CSO partners in projects around the world, in order to establish robust and sustainable structures for the further enhancement and development of civil society at large.

We believe that an empowered civil society is a cornerstone for functioning democracies and a key component in the promotion of sustainable development. In our approach to supporting civil society we strive for an active participation of local actors and existing organisations. We have ample experience in working with hard-to-reach segments, whether based on social marginalisation, geographic remoteness, or neglected developmental issues. Our services include various forms of tailor-made capacity building as well as tools for grant-funding to civil society organisations.

We have many years of experience in leading projects in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. The TACSO project ( is a unique endeavour for supporting civil societies in all the Western Balkan countries and Turkey, offering comprehensive and demand driven support aimed at strengthening overall capacity and accountability of CSOs.

In this and similar projects, we stimulate a friendly civil society ‘environment’ and culture through multiple parallel processes, with a focus on the quality of services of CSOs and a sustainable role of CSOs in the democratic process.

We also provide assistance to governmental bodies and public institutions that are working to promote civil society by improving the legal, strategic, financial and institutional frameworks. And through professional fund management we enable efficient, cost effective, transparent and sustainable funding for CSOs across a variety of thematic areas as well as cross-cutting issues such as human rights and gender.

Contact Person

Pontus Förberg
Pontus Förberg
Senior Consultant/Project Manager, Business Area Coordinator: Civil Society

+46 70 214 2181
Civil Society projects