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Land Administration

Realizing the full potential of land administration systems

Land ownership and administration systems have a big impact on income equality, land development, economic growth and social stability. Our work to support increased land tenure security is done with these goals in mind. We know that by strengthening the administration systems such as title registration and adjudication, public provision of land information, and transparent and participatory decision making, regions can see a significant improvement in all of the systems that are founded on land use.

We offer services for the full duration of a project, from identification, preparation and appraisal through to review and evaluation. If you are considering a large scale land acquisition and investment in a developing country, we can perform risk and impact analysis. Our technical capabilities include the development of technical specifications, establishment of geodetic reference system, and software development. We have a strong profile in capacity building and human resource development: we provide training programmes and on-the-job training in land administration, targeting officials at ministries and agencies to support land policy and reform efforts.

Long term support includes the establishment of higher education institutions in land administration. With a company background in natural resource management and the public sector, we understand the complexity of surrounding land issues and its potential for building better livelihoods on a national level.

For us, the most important part of the process is to work within the local context. We work to understand and respect local actors and existing systems, as we build institutional change and functional systems that will be sustainable long after we have stopped working directly in a region.

Contact Person

Robert Bäckström
Robert Bäckström
Senior Consultant/Project Manager

+46 70 979 7077
Land Administration projects