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Local Government and Decentralisation

Facilitating local government reform

Local governments are usually the main providers of public services that matter to the daily lives of citizens. The quality of local government is a critical element in ensuring not only quality public services, but also in ensuring that the voice and needs of the citizens are taken into account.

Local government is complex, with multiple levels, widely varying sizes, responsibilities, autonomy, budgets and human resources - between countries but also within countries. There are a range of challenges to deal with: how to meet current and future needs of the community, how to secure sufficient resources and financial viability, how to provide capacity to deliver services effectively and efficiently, how to allow for local representation and participation in decision making, how to interact and cooperate with other local governments at the same or different levels, and with central government.

Our company, through its origins as a public sector training agency for local and central government civil servants, has a wide and deep knowledge of the type of issues, challenges and solutions that matter and make a difference for local government service quality. Our projects have covered both the design of decentralisation reforms at the central level and capacity strengthening work at the local level. Based on our long international experience in supporting government reforms in many different countries, we provide support that is based on good international practice and at the same time carefully adapted to local requirements.

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Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith
Senior Consultant/Project Manager, Business Area Coordinator: Good Governance and Public Administration

+46 73 142 9935
Local Government and Decentralisation projects