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Market Development

Strengthening Inclusive Market Systems

Poverty and unemployment are often the result of an under-developed economy. We facilitate market-led development for generating economic growth, creating employment and reducing poverty in developing countries. We work within the local context to support the development of a strategic framework of incentives, roles, structures, and mechanisms. We support market-driven approaches to developing agricultural and natural resource value chains, promoting exports, trade and productive infrastructure. Other important areas are investment climate reforms and financial sector deepening initiatives in order to increase access to finance, employment and income diversification. With the right strategic interventions, the capacity of the overall economy increases.

We have over 40 years of experience of implementing development initiatives and facilitating economic and social progress, and it is clear to us that the private sector and public sector must work in a complementary fashion. We work towards the strengthening of markets by identifying underlying systemic constraints for disadvantaged groups, to be able to identify growth interventions that facilitate the inclusion of these groups in the market. Our understanding of the functioning of relevant market systems, combined with our extensive experience from local contexts, gives us a unique position to not only identifying root causes and structural limitations, but also in developing strategic frameworks to address fundamental operational and strategic issues.

Contact Person

Karin Billing
Karin Billing
Senior Consultant/Project Manager

+46 72 050 5903
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