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Monitoring and Evaluation

Finding out what works and why

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) has a central role to play in international development. M&E ensures development effectiveness, transparency and accountability in policy-making as well as in social and organisational learning. Through our services in M&E, we contribute to evidence-based development policy and decision making and the strengthening of institutional learning and accountability. We provide the insights and ideas needed to help our clients understand what works (and what doesn’t) and to figure out why and how.

Our services include integrated monitoring and results-based management, organisational assessments, project and programme reviews, strategic and thematic evaluations. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our services are aligned with existing organizations systems, culture, and structures.

Our evaluations are reliable and useful. They are based on well-grounded, robust methodologies and carried out by evaluation professionals and thematic experts. Through a close dialogue with the commissioner, and by involving the main stakeholders throughout the process, we ensure the best utility of our evaluation products.

We are committed to constantly improving our work and to expanding our services across clients, thematic areas and methodologies. Our team has comprehensive expertise in monitoring and evaluation practice and in project management, as well as across a wide range of development themes and countries – all of which guarantees quality in design and implementation.

Contact Person

Viktoria Hildenwall
Viktoria Hildenwall
Senior Consultant/Project Manager, Business Area Coordinator: Monitoring and Evaluation

+46 70 269 8387
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