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Natural Resource Management

Holistic natural resource management

We support an integrated management of natural resources as the holistic and only sustainable approach producing wealth for improved livelihoods for all. Combining sustainable management of natural resources with rural development, and best practices along with rights-based approaches is the backbone of our core competence.

A combination of good governance and equitable access to natural resources has been the principal element in many of our programmes covering areas such as sustainable agriculture and forestry, water management, catchment management, land use planning and biodiversity conservation - introducing climate change mitigation and adaptation focus for increased resilience.

By considering these issues together, we see opportunities that otherwise would be missed. We see the bottlenecks that matter and can work to remove them. We can support efficient capacity building of user associations, central and local governments, civil society organisations and private sector actors in a way that is aligned with existing social, financial and political systems.

Sustainable resource management includes promoting income generation from natural resources. Creating equitable access and local ownership are crucial elements in our approach. Our experience has shown that when governments translate existing Natural Resource Management strategies and legislation into tangible action, poverty is reduced in the country in general and in rural areas in particular.

Contact Person

Torbjörn Öckerman
Torbjörn Öckerman
Senior Consultant/Project Manager

+46 70 827 0806
Natural Resource Management projects