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Water Sector Services

An integrated approach to water sector management

Water is a key driver of economic and social development, and it maintains the integrity of the natural environment. Decision makers in the government or private sectors have to make difficult decisions addressing water allocation, diminishing supplies and increasing demands. Demographic and climatic changes further increase the stress on water resources.

The traditional approach to natural resource management, which is to consider water, agriculture, biodiversity, forestry, and land management as separate areas, is no longer viable. These things must be considered together, which is why we use a more holistic approach to water management.

We provide consultancy services in planning, design and implementation for water sector development worldwide. We assist institutions to practice democratic governance, decentralisation and devolution, rule of law and sound local and national development strategies aimed at exploiting local comparative advantages, building trust in public institutions and attracting investment.

We provide technical assistance to water sector actors to focus not only on increasing water supply and access but also to prioritise resource regeneration, conservation, transparency, accountability and community involvement. Water quality along with wastewater treatment and sanitation are essential elements in combination with an efficient water supply.  

Our approach to Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) provides a way forward for efficient, equitable and sustainable development by focusing on rural development and best practices in decentralised natural resource management, along with rights-based approaches, often linked to national or regional reform.

Contact Person

Malin Eriksson
Malin Eriksson
Senior Consultant/Project Manager/Business Area Coordinator: Water and Natural Resources

+46 70 329 2621
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