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Latest news from FCG Sweden

Latest news

FCG Sweden continues to deliver expertise in capacity building and education programs to Sida through new framework contract


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FCG Sweden can gladly announce the signing of a new Sida framework contract for the provision of services to capacity building and education programs.Every year Sida arrange a number of different training courses, most of them held at the Sida Partnership Forum in Härnösand. FCG Sweden’s consultants are experienced in an array of practical subjects of international development aid and we have delivered this type of expertise to Sida for the same purpose since 2015 under a...

FCG Sweden embarking on a three year evaluation for Sida in Guatemala


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We are excited to announce that FCG Sweden is now embarking on a very interesting three year evaluation for Sida in Guatemala. It is an evaluation of the integration of a conflict perspective in the implementation of the Strategy for Sweden’s development cooperation with Guatemala 2016-2020.Sida implements multiple cross-cutting issues in all their programming, one of which being a conflict perspective. The perspective aims to identify hidden potentials to contribute to conflict prevention,...

FCG Sweden conducts Annual Reviews of TradeMark East Africa


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FCG Sweden in association with FCG Kenya and LTS International has been commissioned by TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) and DFID to carry out a total of six Annual Reviews between 2018 to 2023.TMEA is an East African not-for profit Company Limited by Guarantee established in 2010 to support the growth of trade - both regional and international - in East Africa. TMEA currently has eight funding sources namely the governments of: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK...

Finalisation of SHE Entrepreneurs - MENA Region


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In September, FCG Sweden successfully concluded a five year framework agreement with the Swedish Institute for the implementation of the leadership and social entrepreneurship programme SHE Entrepreneurs. The programme is designed for emerging young women social entrepreneurs in the MENA-region and Sweden. During the programme, we provided leadership training within the context of working for an equal and sustainable society while using entrepreneurial principles.A typical one year programme...

FCG Sweden’s work with Organisational Reviews of Civil Society Organisations


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FCG Sweden, in association with NCG Norway, is the first service provider in the Norad Framework Agreement for Organisational Reviews of Civil Society Organisations. In 2018, we have conducted 18 organisational reviews under the framework. The organisations reviewed have covered a wide range of thematic areas such as climate change, education, gender equality and children’s rights.One of the CSOs reviewed previously this year is the Indonesian Forum for Environment (WALHI), one of the most...

Rule of Law Evaluation in Ukraine


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FCG Sweden, represented by Henrik Alffram, Mike Cheremshynskyi and Henning Göransson Sandberg, have been engaged by the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) to conduct an evaluation of the project “Local Self-Government and Rule of Law in Ukraine”, with the final report due late December.The purpose of the project is to strengthen rule of law principles in the provision of administrative services at the local level, working together with local partners. The project regards service delivery as the...

Liberian-Swedish Feeder Roads Project, Phase 3


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Last year FCG Sweden together with GOPA Infra won a new road capacity development contract in Liberia : “Liberian-Swedish Feeder Roads Project, Phase 3” contracted by the Ministry of Public Works in Liberia and  funded by Sida. The 4-year project has a total budget of 52,4 million SEK  and  the overall objective of LSFRP 3 is to, through the provision of sustainable feeder road access, improve the opportunities for poor people to enhance their living conditions and livelihoods.The...

FORVAC - A new forestry programme in Tanzania


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In association with FCG International, FCG Sweden has won a new forestry contract in Tanzania: “Forestry and Value Chains Development” (FORVAC), funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The programme has a total budget of 9.95 million euros and will be implemented for four years. FORVAC’s main priority is to increase economic, social and environmental benefits from forests while reducing deforestation. This objective will be achieved by developing value chains, by increasing...

Update from UNNATI - The Inclusive Growth Programme in Nepal


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UNNATI - The Inclusive Growth Programme in Nepal is funded by the Danish Government with a total budget of DKK 400 million. The key priority of the programme is to strengthen market-based growth with a focus on reducing poverty and improving living standards in Eastern Nepal. FCG Sweden is supporting the implementation of the components on commercialisation of value chains and on infrastructure. The development of four value chains are being supported through the programme: Orthodox Tea,...

Our work under Sida's Framework Agreement for Evaluation Services


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The Sida Framework Agreement for evaluation services is still very active – since October we have won five out of six contracts tendered for. These assignments cover various themes and geographic areas such as civil society in Mozambique, loans and guarantees in Zambia, wastewater management in Sri Lanka and transitional justice in Colombia.Quality is at the core for all our services under the Framework Agreement. During this last year, we have intensified our efforts on refining and...

FCG Sweden conducts organisational reviews of Civil Society Organisations for Norad


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We are proud to be the first service provider under Norad’s Framework Agreement for Organisational Reviews of Civil Society Organisations, initiated in August 2017. The Agreement will be running for four years. Up until now, we have conducted reviews of six different organisations: LHL International, Forest Trust Fund and AMAN; and ADRA, FOKUS and the Strømme Foundation.In common for these reviews is that we are using an assessment methodology based on the Abilities Framework, originally...

Responsible Business Fund in Myanmar


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FCG Sweden is since August 2017 managing the Danida-financed Responsible Business Fund (RBF) in Myanmar.The Embassy of Denmark has established the DKK 80 million RBF to “increase the competitiveness and responsible behaviour of Myanmar enterprises” by providing partial grants to SMEs for the implementation of projects in the seven eligible areas: Energy Efficiency, Water use Efficiency, Waste treatment and Recycling; Occupational Safety & Health (OSH); Food Safety; Managerial &...

FCG Sweden supports civil society development in Ukraine


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The EU-financed project "Technical assistance for civl society development in Ukraine" has now entered its second month since the startup in October. FCG Sweden's project manager Pontus Förberg came back from Kiev on Monday 20th of November and reports that the inception phase has been finalised in a very good manner. We are very pleased with the team and the support we are getting from the EU Delegation as well as our partners ICE and Eurasia, says Mr Förberg. The project aim is to provide...

Study Visit for the Ministry of Home Affairs, Vietnam in "Training and development in the Swedish Civil Service"


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Study Visit for the Ministry of Home Affairs, Vietnam in - "Training and development in the Swedish Civil Service"From 25th until 28th September – FCG Sweden hosted and organized a study visit in Stockholm, on “Training and development in the Swedish Civil Service” for the Vietnamese Ministry of Home Affairs – with an overall objective to present an overview of competence development and training in the Swedish Civil Service. The group was introduced to the SIPU model of producing training...

FCG Sweden signs Framework Agreement for organisational reviews with Norad


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FCG Sweden, in association with NCG (Nordic Consulting Group) Norway has just signed a Framework Agreement with Norad. During the next four years, we will be the first service provider to conduct organisational reviews of CSOs (Civil Society Organisations) with whom Norad has a collaboration.   Civil society organisations play a critical role in international development cooperation: a viable civil society is essential in promoting democracy and accountability to governments.  The majority of...

Two week training course in Human Resource management in the Health Sector for Delegation from Vietnam


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On Thursday 27th April 15 Senior officials from different parts of the Vietnamese health sector celebrated their graduation from an intensive two week training programme in Human Resource management in the Swedish Health and elderly care sector. The course covered multiple aspects of human resource management in healthcare, including training of doctors and nurses, leadership and management development in the healthcare sector, demands associated with an ageing population and privatisation....

Supporting capacity development and gender mainstreaming at the Parliament of Jordan


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FCG Sweden is hosting a study visit with Members of Parliament and civil servants from the Jordan Chamber of Deputies (CoD) who are visiting Stockholm between the 3rd and 6th of April to learn more about the Swedish parliamentary system, political participation and gender mainstreaming. The study visit is part of an EC-financed project with the overall purpose to strengthen democratic governance, the institutional and administrative capacity of the Chamber of Deputies (CoD) in Jordan and...

UNDP covers FCG owned Sync Accelerator in exhibition on Sustainable Development Goals


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The FCG owned Sync Accelerator, a multi-cultural IT recruitment agency that connects innovative companies with exceptional IT professionals, regardless of where they come from has been covered for its exceptional engagement in promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and decent work for all in the UNDP exhibition on Sustainable Development Goals. Sync Accelerator has Sweden’s largest pool of newly arrived and international tech talent in Sweden. The exhibition presented the work...

50 years of international development work!


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The Finnish Consulting Group celebrates 50 years of international development work this year. It all started in 1967 when Finnish foresters made a study on reforestation in Tunisia. The assignment was commissioned by what was then FINNIDA – now Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.The Finnish Consulting Group is still, 50 years later, the most prominent supplier of consultancy services to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.FCG International 50 years – Finland 100 years!

ORGUT and SIPU International merges into FCG Sweden


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FCG Sweden is the new face of ORGUT Consulting AB and FCG SIPU International AB that came together in early 2016. From April 2017 the international business of ORGUT and SIPU will be legally merged and the future business will be carried out under the new registered name FCG Swedish Development AB, trading as FCG Sweden.FCG SIPU International AB, trading under the name FCG SIPU, will continue as a specialized provider of training services to the public sector in Sweden.FCG Sweden combines a...

FCG Sweden to launch new Sida Help Desk for Sub-Saharan Africa


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FCG Sweden has established the Sida Help Desk for Democratic Governance & Human Rights in Africa, after winning the call-off late last year. The Help Desk will provide support to the Sida Africa Department and Embassies in Sub-Saharan Africa, to help staff in addressing democratic governance and human rights issues - issues central in Swedish developmental cooperation in both formulating strategy and implementation.The Help Desk offers easily accessible, short-term advisory services, and...

Strengthening Community Policing in Albania, Second Phase, 2017 - 2020


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Strengthening Community Policing in Albania builds upon the first phase, successfully implemented by SIPU International during 2012 – 2015. The programme is Sida-financed and SIPU International has been awarded the contract to implement the second phase.The overall objective is to build mutual trust and partnership between police and communities in order to create safe neighbourhoods in Albania. The project is planned to address three interrelated areas: Community Policing support to Regional...

Continued success in the Sida framework agreement for evaluation services


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As part of the merger of SIPU and ORGUT, now under our new name FCG Sweden, we have merged our consortia for the Sida evaluation framework agreement. We now have a core team of 20 evaluation experts, spread over six partners. Apart from FCG Sweden, our consortium includes Itad Ltd, Sthlm Policy Group AB, NCG Sweden and Tana Copenhagen ApS.  Jointly, we won 16 of the 34 the call-offs contracted during 2016. At the end of January, we held our first consortium meeting, where we discussed lessons...

Conference on Multidimensional Poverty – How to Understand, Measure and Monitor Poverty in Multiple Dimensions


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Ending poverty in all its forms everywhere - Goal 1 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - highlights poverty in multiple dimensions, including monetary and non-monetary aspects. How we measure and understand poverty impacts our choices of approaches and strategies to end poverty. Agenda 2030, SDG 1, and the commitment to “leave no one behind” made up the frame of the conference that was held in Stockholm 10-11 November 2016. The aim of the conference was to reflect on how we can...

Discussing evaluation quality and independence at the European Evaluation Association conference


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Christian Carlbaum and Johanna Lindström represented SIPU/ORGUT at the European Evaluation Society conference in Maastricht, 26-30 September 2016. They each chaired a panel discussion: Ensuring the Quality of Independent Evaluations under Resource Constraints". Johanna chaired this session and was be joined by Kim Forss, Founder and Owner of Andante - Tools for Learning AB,  Eva Lithman, Independent Consultant, and Joakim Molander, Head of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at Sida....
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