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FCG Sweden at the 2019 Abu Dhabi World Road Congress

FCG Sweden and Adam Andreski took part in the 2019 Abu Dhabi World Road Congress, where Mr. Andreski gave a presentation of the third phase of the Liberian Swedish Feeder Road Project, currently implemented by FCG Sweden together with GOPA Infra.

The feeder road project is unique in Liberia, where emphasis is placed on connecting the rural parts of the country to the bigger infrastructure networks, in order to increase access to health facilities, to markets and to schools. It is an important project for Sweden who has been assisting the Liberian Government for the past 10 years in its efforts to connect the rural population to the rest of the country. Mr. Andreski took part in the Congress together with senior public servants from the Liberian Ministry of Public Works, and introduced the novelty of the Liberian-Swedish Feeder Road Project, where the construction of rural roads also serve as an instrument for developing institutional and individual capacity, increase inclusion, accountability and transparency in the work of the Government, and at the same time focus on immediate ownership and long-term sustainability. At this phase of the project, FCG Sweden and the Ministry of Public Works are making a collective effort to reach also the lower levels of government, transferring responsibility and authority to County levels for the whole cycle of road-construction, from initial surveying and designing to supervision and maintenance.