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FCG Sweden embarking on a three year evaluation for Sida in Guatemala

We are excited to announce that FCG Sweden is now embarking on a very interesting three year evaluation for Sida in Guatemala. It is an evaluation of the integration of a conflict perspective in the implementation of the Strategy for Sweden’s development cooperation with Guatemala 2016-2020.

Sida implements multiple cross-cutting issues in all their programming, one of which being a conflict perspective. The perspective aims to identify hidden potentials to contribute to conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, through traditional peace instruments, as well as new and innovative methods and mechanisms.

The evaluation of the implementation of this perspective in the Guatemala cooperation, will contribute to the Embassy’s and Sida’s learning as to how conflict sensitivity can be better integrated in projects and programs.

Through a Developmental Evaluation approach, the evaluation team will conduct a continuous conflict analysis and provide feedback to the Swedish Embassy and its partners. The team will hold focus group discussions with local communities and with stakeholders in two rural towns.

Compared to traditional evaluation, Developmental Evaluation is highly participatory, emphasizing the participation of the evaluator in program strategy rather than providing an external observation of the strategies being employed. In this way our team will provide continuous learning and input and adjustments of the programme portfolio.