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FCG Sweden evaluates Danish support to development research

FCG Sweden continues its work in the area of evaluation of development research and research capacity support programmes with this new and exciting evaluation of the Danish support to development research in the period 2008-2018. Danida is commissioning this evaluation in order to determine the most relevant, appropriate and effective means of generating new knowledge and strengthening research capacities in the future. The evaluation will assess the quality of research and its impacts and the extent to which Danish support has led to improvements in capacities to undertake research.The evaluation will amongst other methods use a more holistic approach to assessing research quality called Research Quality Plus (or RQ+). The focus will be on assessing Danish research partnerships with institutions in Ghana, Uganda and Vietnam. The evaluation is being implemented between May and December 2019.

We are very excited to be working with a team of highly qualified international experts, including Zenda Ofir, who, together with IDRC in Canada, developed the RQ+ approach, Matti Tedre, a long term collaborator of ours based at the University of Eastern Finland, and Pernille Nagel Sørensen, a Danish independent evaluators and researcher. The team also includes development research specialists in Ghana (Adom Ghartey), Uganda (Godfrey Kayobyo), Vietnam (Nguyen Ngoc Anh) and our very own Camila Demmou. The team is supported by Evaluation Manager Johanna Lindström and Quality Assurance Manager Viktoria Hildenwall.