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FCG Sweden evaluates Sida's work with the Human Rights Based Approach

We have recently won a tender to evaluate Sida's efforts to apply a Human Rights Based Approach in all development cooperation that it engages in. This evaluation has been commissioned by Sida to increase understanding of how a Human Rights Based Approch is being applied, how staff and cooperation partners understand and perceive the approach, what works well, less well and why. Importantly, the evaluation aims to understand how and if such an approach has contributed to enhanced respect for and protection and fulfilment of human rights, including gender equality. This is particularly important for creating preconditions for better living conditions for people living in poverty and under oppression in a world where human rights are increasingly contested.

The evaluation is being conducted between May 2019 and June 2020 and will include field visits in four countries. We are working with a team of international evaluation and human rights experts, including Henrik Alffram from Rightshouse, independent consultant Bente Topsøe-Jensen, and Anne Buffardi and Pilar Domingo from the Overseas Development Institute, as well as our very own Otto Nilsson Williams. We are looking forward to this interesting and challenging assignment!