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FCG Sweden monitors component 2 of U-LEAD - Support to Improved Administrative Service Delivery

The Ukraine Local Empowerment, Accountability and Development programme (U-LEAD), funded by the EU, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Estonia, is aiming to contribute to the establishment of multilevel, transparent, governance, accountable and responsive to the needs of the population. FCG Sweden has been appointed by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine to monitor the second component, which is coordinated by Sida and implemented by SALAR/SKL International, NIRAS Sweden and the Estonian E-Governance Academy (EEGA). It aims to improve delivery of central, regional and local administrative services to the residents of the ATCs, communities that are in the process of amalgamation and small cities with a population of up to 50,000 people.

The monitoring will consist of two aspects, firstly to measure the outcomes and outputs of the programme against the Results Framework, using surveys, interviews and field visits. Secondly the team will create a Performance Monitoring and Reporting System (PMRS) that will be integrated into the IT system used by the Administrative Service Centres (ASCs) set up by the project. Activities will include developing a description for the monitoring of ASC activities, identification of potential staff responsible among ASCs, as well as conducting some formal and on-the-job training.

The monitoring assignment is to be carried out in four phases between June 2019 and March 2021. The team consists of Team Leader Ruddi Vaes and team members Antonio Castro and Olga Romanyuk. Henning Göransson Sandberg from FCG Sweden is the Project Director responsible for the quantitative surveys.