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ORGUT and SIPU International merges into FCG Sweden

FCG Sweden is the new face of ORGUT Consulting AB and FCG SIPU International AB that came together in early 2016. From April 2017 the international business of ORGUT and SIPU will be legally merged and the future business will be carried out under the new registered name FCG Swedish Development AB, trading as FCG Sweden.

FCG SIPU International AB, trading under the name FCG SIPU, will continue as a specialized provider of training services to the public sector in Sweden.

FCG Sweden combines a wide range of expertise and committed and experienced personnel, allowing them to work across a multitude of sectors and at all levels. The new organization will be able to take on more ambitious projects and have a stronger impact. FCG Sweden is part of the Finnish Consulting Group’s global network, with subsidiaries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.