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River Basin Management Plan for Drini i Bardhe

One of the key objectives of the Kosovo Environmental Programme (KEP) has, since its inception, been to increase the sustainability of the water resources found in the country. This is a key objective not only of the programme and the Ministry, but also of the Swedish government which has financed and supported this four-year programme. FCG has been part of this programme since the beginning in 2016, functioning as the chief consultant to the Ministry during the implementation period. As the project is coming to an end we are happy to present many of the results we have, collectively, achieved. One of them is the River Basin Management Plan (RBMP), covering the first management cycle (2021-2027), for Kosovo’s largest river basin Drini i Bardhe (White Drin). A RBMP is a fundamental tool when trying to achieve a sustainable approach to rivers and other bodies of water. It is a clear signal of Kosovo’s ambition to join the EU (implementation of the EU Directives) and to the neighbouring countries for jointly approaching the transboundary waters, it provides support for the negotiation process, and it gives the authorities a reliant base from which they can make decisions and plan for the future. Also, it gives private organizations and users guidelines for how they should act towards the river and towards each other. Lead by one of FCG’s key consultants Mihaela Popovici, the plan was developed in an engaging and participatory manner, where the Kosovar counterparts, such as the River Basin District Authority (RBDA), and other stakeholders contributed substantially and continuously. Thus, the plan does not only present a key achievement in Kosovo’s path towards environmental sustainability, but is also a material representation of the increased capacity and institutional development which has been central in this programme.