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SIPU Reviews the UN Agencies’ Harmonisation Efforts in Vietnam

The One Plan 2012-2016 is the common programmatic framework for participating United Nations agencies in Viet Nam. It is aligned with national planning cycles, in particular the 2011-2015 Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP). The One Plan 2012-2016 sets out a focused and coherent joint programme of work in support of national priorities and is based on the comparative advantages of participating UN entities.

The One Plan 2012-2016 represents a continuing shift towards high quality policy work to support the people and Government of Viet Nam. The One Plan 2012 - 2016 also gives greater emphasis to provision of high quality technical assistance, capacity development at the national and sub-national level and the UN’s role in convening different stakeholders and expanding partnerships.

In July 2015, FCG SIPU International was commissioned to carry out a review of the One Plan 2012 – 2016. The overall purposes of the review are:

  • To support greater learning about what works, what doesn’t and why in the context of the One Plan. The evaluation will provide important information for strengthening programming and results at the country level, specifically informing the planning and decision-making for the next One Plan cycle (2017-2021) and for improving United Nations coordination at the country level. The Government of Viet Nam, United Nations Country Team (UNCT), donors, civil society and other key One Plan stakeholders can learn from the process of documenting good practices and lessons learned. These will also be shared with UN Regional Offices and HQ for potential benefit of other countries.
  • To support greater accountability of the UNCT to One Plan stakeholders. By objectively verifying results achieved within the framework of the One Plan and assessing the effectiveness of the strategies and interventions used, the evaluation will enable the various stakeholders in the One Plan process, including national counterparts and donors, to hold the UNCT and other parties accountable for fulfilling their roles and commitments.

The review is carried out by Ms Angélica Arbulu as the Team Leader, Ms Johanna Lindström (from the Evaluation Unit at FCG SIPU International), Mr Pham Quang Nam and Ms Le Thi Mai Huong. Mr Alf Persson (Senior Consultant at FCG SIPU International) is the Quality Assurance Expert for the assignment. The review will be finalised in February 2016.

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