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FCG Sweden conducts organisational reviews of Civil Society Organisations for Norad

We are proud to be the first service provider under Norad’s Framework Agreement for Organisational Reviews of Civil Society Organisations, initiated in August 2017. The Agreement will be running for four years. Up until now, we have conducted reviews of six different organisations: LHL International, Forest Trust Fund and AMAN; and ADRA, FOKUS and the Strømme Foundation.

In common for these reviews is that we are using an assessment methodology based on the Abilities Framework, originally developed by Stein-Erik Kruse. The application of this (adapted) framework provides for a holistic and multi-dimensional organisational assessment that extends beyond the existence of formalised policies, systems and procedures. Also, it provides for a systematic approach where the organisations are coherently and consistently assessed.

We are now looking forward to 2018, when some 15 civil society organisations (all receiving funding from Norad) are in the pipeline for undergoing assessments.