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TA to the Adminstrative Simplification in selected Ministries in Lebanon

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to public administration reform in the Republic of Lebanon through improving quality and accessibility of public services. 

The project purpose is to improve the responsiveness of the administration to the demands of the general public and business community by simplifying/re-engineering administrative procedures and business processes by making maximum use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in four ministries: Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Industry.

Simplified/re-engineered administrative procedures aim to allow the administration to operate in a transparent, efficient, cost effective, and timely manner and reduce administrative burdens on citizens and businesses.

Expected results:

-Legislation and corresponding Regulatory Processes and Administrative Procedures reviewed and diagnosed in view of their simplification, ease of control and predictable outcomes;

-Recommendations in terms of legislation, decisions to be taken and re-engineering of ICT processes to simplify/re-engineer regulatory processes and administrative procedures are produced;

-Strategy and action plan developed to streamline and simplify/re-engineer the existing business procedures, promoting the use of ICT;

-Methodology, guidelines, manuals, templates and toolkits for business process re-engineering are developed;

-An action plan is implemented