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Administration of the Fund for Support to Colombian Civil Society Organisations (FOS)

The Fund for Support to Colombian Civil Society (FOS) is a multi-donor fund, created as a mechanism for funding and strengthening of civil society in Colombia. It was founded by Sida in 2009 with the purpose of organising systematically the support that was channelled to the Colombian civil society organisations and to increase transparency and establish clear criteria for selection of cooperation parties in Colombian civil society and increase cost efficiency in administering the project management. NORAD joined as a donor in 2011 and together with Sida form the Governing Board (GB) of the Fund.

The Fund is supporting the thematic areas of peace and security; human rights with focus on victims and human rights defenders; democratic governance and environmental matters in the context of the implementation of peace. Gender equality and conflict sensitivity are cross-cutting issues that are taken into account in all thematic areas.

The preliminary output objectives were originally an increased number of initiatives by Civil Society related to the peace process and is now primarily focussing on the active participation in the implementation of the peace agreement on local, regional and national level; increased number of women empowered as actors of for peace; increased number of youth empowered as actors of for peace; advancement of land restitution processes through collaboration between civil society and responsible public entities; increased level of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non- repetition for victims of the conflict; increased leverage for human rights defenders; and Increased political participation, transparency and accountability in relation to the public agenda on peace building. ORGUT provides efficient, cost effective, transparent and systematically organised Fund Management of FOS. Call for Proposals are announced on an annual basis to support longer term initiatives from Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) of around 11.8 m USD over the six years. In addition an Open Fast Track Fund (OFT) is available for short-term initiatives of around 2 m USD.

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