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Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change in South America – Mapping of Swedish Resource Base and Swedish Comparative Advantage

The report presents a mapping study of the Swedish resource base and Swedish comparative advantage for future Sida development cooperation in Latin America and Caribbean, with emphasis on Bolivia, Columbia, Guatemala. The study concentrated on areas where there is both a demand from the region and where Sweden is judged to have a comparative advantage. The areas were Natural Resources, Environment, Water resources, Climate Change (adaption) and Bioenergy. Recognising the link between poverty and poverty reduction and CC, environment and natural resources in Latin America, the assignment identified areas where Sweden has a comparative advantage and identified Swedish actors, current and future, in the region and their areas of expertise including experience of development cooperation and of Latin America. Actors include institutes, universities, governmental agencies, NGOs and the private sector.

The study provided information that forms a base for Sida when developing a new regional strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean region.