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Evaluation of Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUMASIA)’s Performances and Achievements January 2015-June 2019

This evaluation will take place in the context narrative above with a two-fold objective:

a. To assess FORUMASIA’s performance and achievements in terms of relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of FORUMASIA programs against the objectives of their Strategic Plan, and to summarise results against the results framework7, and;
b. To review the progress made against the recommendations of the four evaluations/reviews discussed above. All these evaluations/reviews relate to the Sida support, and build on – or relate to – one another.

The focus of the evaluation will be on to what extent expected results have been achieved (objective a.) and improvements made against earlier evaluation/review recommendations (objective b.). Analysis of factors and reasons behind over or under-performance and deviations, if any, and recommendation of concrete measures FORUMASIA should initiate to address underlying issues will be central to the objectives. The conslusions and findings from the 2015 evaluation can be taken as point of departure, with focus on performances after April 2015. Progress against recommendations of previous evaluations will be evaluated based on the measures FORUMASIA has initiated in response to each of the recommendation, including policies and systems developed and/or improved as recommended, new structures created, positions filled and publications brought out. FORUMASIA’s ‘management response’ to the recommendation will be a starting point of this strand of evaluation.

Furthermore, the evaluation should also address the perspective of the poor and the rights perspective as well as to what extent conflict sensitivity, gender equality and environmental considerations have been mainstreamed in their programs.