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Evaluation of core support to the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC)

The evaluation object is the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC), a Stockholm-based non-profit organisation working within the area of justice sector development. ILAC is the umbrella of over 50 professional legal organisations from all over the world, gathering wide-ranging legal expertise and competencies from various contexts and legal traditions. ILAC aims to rapidly deliver politically and contextually relevant roadmaps of strategic needs and priorities in fragile and conflict-affected countries, and then provide assistance to help rebuild justice systems and the rule of law. LAC also aims to contribute to international policy dialogue in justice sector reform design and implementation in transitional settings. The work is carried out in close partnership with local ministries, judges, prosecutors, court administrators, lawyers and lawyers’ associations when there are strategic openings to provide expert guidance and/or when there exists political will to prevent further conflict and re-occurrence of atrocities, and build peaceful means for conflict resolution. A small Secretariat coordinates the consortium and ILAC’s work. ILAC’s elected Board of Directors comprises diverse member representatives and provides strategic guidance and oversight. ILAC also benefits from guidance provided by an Advisory Council drawn from its membership.