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Evaluation of Sida's internal contribution management system

In order to address weaknesses in its contribution management Sida introduced a new rule to manage aid interventions in 2012. This was a formalized process for contribution management with four sub-processes: the IT-based contribution management system Trac and new work practices, including quality assurance. During the period 2012-2015, the tools and work developed and was integrated into the organization. Over time, these changes have in some ways made work more time consuming and not always effective. For this reason Sida's Director General gave a mandate to the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation to procure this evaluation to get an external assessment to see if Sida's contribution management process was ‘fit for purpose’.

This evaluation was carried out in spring 2016, with the aim of complementing internal Sida work to simplify the process for contribution management. The evaluation concludes that Sida's contribution management meets the external requirements the form of laws and regulations imposed on the organisation, but that in some respects it goes further than is warranted in view of the requirements. There is therefore scope for simplifying contribution management process, and the evaluation provides a number of recommendations how this could be done. These recommendations will taken forward by Sida in 2016-17.

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