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Evaluation of the Sida supported research capacity and higher education development program in Rwanda, 2013-2017

The evaluation assessed, generated knowledge and provided lessons from the Sida funded UR-Sweden Program for Research, Higher Education and Institutional Development at the University of Rwanda. The evaluation provided information of the design of a possible continuation of the program as well as provided lessons learned for the UR.

The overall objective of the UR-Sweden programme is to “Increase production and use of scientific knowledge of international quality at the UR that contributes to the development of Rwanda”.

The evaluation concludes that the programme is generally very well managed, and of high importance and relevance for UR’s institutional development and capacity building in research. The overall recommendation is that the programme continues largely in its present form with the same overall objectives, but that adjustments are made based on i) current processes of change at UR itself and ii) the experiences from the current phase of the programme.

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