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Expansion of Rural Sector Development in Nicaragua; identification and formulation mission

The objective of the mission was to study alternatives for a new Finnish intervention for the rural sector in Nicaragua and propose further measures and steps in the preparation process. In particular, the mission should identify possible niches for interventions that could promote the development of instruments of trade and investment, especially in the rural sector and food production. The mission should look into how economic and enterprise development could be entwined to the Finnish support to the sector. The interventions should further:
- contribute to increased agricultural production and generation of rural employment
- promote harmonisation of donor activities and possible participation to SWAp initiative in the rural sector
- provide possibilities to establish insitutional collaboration between Finland and Nicaragua

Of great importance in the identification and formulation of alternatives was the ongoing process of establishment of a rural sector SWAp (under the name of "PRORURAL") and the objective of Nicaragua's National Development Plan and other plans and policies directing rural development, agriculture and forestry sectors in Nicaragua.

The objective of the analysis and documentation provided by the mission was to enable the decision making of the competent authorities of the both governments on furhter preparation of development cooperation in the rural sector.