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Framework Agreement regarding consultancy services for Results-Based Management 15/000447

The primary objective of the framework agreement is to strengthen the capacity of Sida’s partners
in their application of Results-based management. Sida applies Results-based management (RBM)
as a management strategy focusing on performance and the achievement of results. RBM shifts
the focus from activities and outputs to outcomes and impacts. Sida’s application of RBM is
broader than simply the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the development interventions
that Sida supports. It also implies that attention is given to the organisational systems, culture and
structures of Sida’s cooperation partners.
It is Sida's experience that the potential effectiveness of development intervention is often
thwarted by weakness related to RBM processes, organsiational systems and/or capacities.
However, Sida and its staff have limited resources for giving tailorde and timely methodological
advice and training in RBM to partners.
Examples of assignments that could be delivered under this framework agreement include:
• Assistance to Sida’s partners in formulating their vision and mission and in clarifying their core
competences and value added.
• Assistance to Sida's partners in organisational capacity analysis.
• Assistance to Sida’s partners in formulating a results framework, including linking
programme/project objectives to strategic objectives.
• Facilitation to Sida’s partners in making explicit a theory of change including the identification of
key assumptions and risks.
• Support to Sida’s partners in the design and use of monitoring and evaluation systems, including
identification of indicators and baselines, data collection and analysis, results communication and
• Assistance to Sida’s partners to integrate organisational learning into their performance

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