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LIMS (SIGIT) Review and Audit

As part of the preparation of the Terra Segura project this assignment is to conduct a review and audit of SiGIT1 , the existing Land Information Management System under the current conditions and to propose measures necessary for the development and improvement of the land administration and management system, and identify the needs towards the development and implementation of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) that will contribute to the interoperability and potential integration with other government and municipal information systems and guarantee the sustainability of the system and provision of the reliable services for the government institutions, public and businesses, for the functioning of a multi-purpose cadastre.

The assignment must include a critical review and audit of the existing LIMS system and software architecture, communications, system security and other risks affecting system stable functionality, capacity of the client and its personnel in the system maintenance, performance of the technical team in the system maintenance services provision, and the need of financial and other resources for the system maintenance to ensure its stability and, with a careful analysis of the lessons learned from the existing LIMS, provision of relevant recommendations. 1 SiGIT – Sistema de Gestão de Informação sobre Terra ( LIMS-Land Information Management System) Section 8. Conditions of Contract and Contract Forms (Lump-Sum) 36

It must also review the existing business process of the DUATs registration, its appropriateness to the computerized environment and procedures and propose the measure to the introduction and testing of a streamlined land regularization methodology that is less time consuming and robust. In this context, it is required to review and analyse the existing draft of the “Methodology for the DUATs regularization and Community Land delimitation” in close cooperation with the Cadastral Surveying and Mapping Needs assessment consultant.

It must include a review of the LIMS interoperability, in accordance with the eGIF4M (eGovernment Interoperability Framework for Mozambique), with the Land Registry Information system SIRP (Sistema Integrado de Registo Predial) implemented by the Ministry of Justice that is responsible for registering the titles of Land Use Right, and the interoperability with the municipalities that also carry out the regularization of land tenure rights in the areas under its territorial jurisdiction and generate information to feed the national land registry.