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Mapping of compilations of evidence

An increasing number of international development cooperation agencies have identified a need to become more evidence-based. In parallel, several initiatives have been initiated and new methodologies advanced to more rigourously be able to identify which development project interventions are working and not. Innovative and digital tools have also contributed towards making evidence more accessible. However, there are often gaps between what has been produced and how these results have influenced decisions, priorities and trade-offs within organisations. 

According to Sida’s ambition, under goal 5 in the Operational Plan (2020-23), Sida shall to a greater extent build decisions and solutions on evidence, support other organisations who are building evidence and effectively use systems for collecting and making evidence accessible. In order to respond to this ambition, Sida has launched a strategic development initiative for building a more evidence-informed organisation.

The assignment is intended to produce an overview of which mappings/compilations of evidence within the 14 thematic areas that the Unit for Policy Support is responsible for. The expected result is that Program Officers, Senior Policy Specialists, Lead Policy Specialists and Managers will have a better understanding of and access to evidence within their respective areas for analysis and decision making, in order to stimulate the organisation to become more evidence based.