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Organisational review of CARE Norway & YWCA-YMCA

The purpose of this assignment was to establish the financial management, cost efficiency and results management, and evaluative achievement of reported results of two organisations under review i.e. CARE Norway and YMCA-YWCA Norway. Two Norad funded programmes were selected for this review: 1) CARE Norway's "Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Programme (GEWEP) II (2016-2019)," with Rwanda as a case country, and 2) YMCA-YWCA Norway's "Together Building Global Justice and Peace," with Uganda (YGlobal) as a case country and YWCA South Sudan subsequently included in the review owing to the presence of the General Secretary and Programme Manager in Kampala and Kiryandongo at the time of the field visits. 

The organisational review aimed at assessing; organisational structure and governance, ability to maintain cost efficiency in operations and auditing systems, capacity for results management, and contribution to civil society strengthening in targeted countries.