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Organisational Review of Naturvernforbundet

The review was commissioned by Norad as part of its grant management procedures. The review was commissioned as a call-off assignment under a Norad Framework Agreement for Organisational Reviews of Civil Society Organisations. In common for these reviews is the application of an assessment methodology based on an adapted version of the Abilities Framework approach, which provides for a holistic and multi-dimensional organisational assessment that extends beyond the existence of formalised policies, systems and procedures. Also, it provides for a systematic approach where the organisations are coherently and consistently assessed.

The review describes, analyses and assesses the following aspects of the organisation under review: 1) Organisational structure; 2) Governance; 3) Cost efficiency; 4) Financial management; 5) Results management; 6) Civil society strengthening.

Data collection tools include document review, interviews with Norad, the organisaation and other relevant stakeholders, as well as a field visit to a country (in this case Togo) to interview partner organisations to the organisaiton under review.