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Organisational Review of Norwegian People's Aid

This review was commissioned in the context of the Cooperation Agreement between Norad and Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) (2016-2019), with a focus on long-term development work. The overall objective of the cooperation being to strenghten democratisation processes in 19 countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America by contributing to the outcomes: 1) Civil society organisations influence political decision-making at local, regional, national and international level; and 2) Popular organisations are more effective in organising people who have a common cause.

The objectives of the assignment were to describe, analyse, and assess:

  • NPA in terms of its organisational structure, governance, partnerships and responsiveness;
  • Financial management and auditing systems and the level of cost-efficiency maintained in each step of operations, including at the level of local partners, and;
  • The level of results achievement, including capacity for results management and contribution to civil society strengthening in targeted countries.