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Organisational Reviews of Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA-Global), Forest Trends (FT) and Rights and Resources Institute (RRI)

The purpose of this assignment is to establish Environmental Investigation Agency, Forest Trends and Rights and Resources Institute’s financial management, cost efficiency and results management, and evaluate achievement of reported results.

The review will describe, analyse and assess the following aspects of the organisation under review: 1) Organisational structure; 2) Governance; 3) Cost efficiency; 4) Financial management; 5) Results management; 6) Civil society strengthening.

The review will consist of a desk review of relevant program document and policies applied by the organisation; interviews with relevant staff at the organisation, Ministry of Climate and Environment (MoCE)/Norad staff and, if necessary, external parties and experts of relevance; in-country partner visits and meetings with end-beneficiaries in the country of review.