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Pilot Initiative to Support Civil Society in the Global South (East Africa)

ORGUT is contracted as the Facility Manager for this pioneering Danida initiative which provides innovative forms of support to CSOs in Kenya, Uganda and Somalia. Through the Facility, Danida wishes to promote new types of capacity development partnerships with point of departure in the needs and priorities of CSOs in the focus countries. The Facility provides funds directly to Southern CSOs accessible for capacity development support in cooperation with selected services provider using the human rights-based approach to development and focusing on the core principles of participation, accountability, non-discrimination and transparency. Equal partnerships between CSOs and service providers which are mutually contributing and benefitting and where more responsibility is transferred to partners in the global South is promoted through the Facility.
ORGUT implements the Facility through networking and a web-based platform to match demand for and supply of capacity development. In the role as the Facility Manager, ORGUT ensures that the Facility is developed and managed in an efficient, effective and transparent manner with optimal impact on the strengthening of CSOs with a high degree of learning. A total of Euro 2.5 million is available for funding of grants to CSOs for capacity building.

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