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Support to Sida in monitoring the CRDP in Bangladesh

The Asian Development Bank financed a large City Region Development Project in Dhaka and Khulna. Sida provided additional financing, but with specific conditions that poverty reduction, gender balance, environment and climate change impacts were addressed.

The objective of the consultancy was to provide Sida with technical support in the assessment, operations and monitoring of the City Region Development Project's sub-projects, securing that the perspective of poverty reduction, gender and environment and climate change were fully integrated, followed-up and monitored during the whole implementation of the project. The project also supported the integration and coordination of inputs by the ADB, Sida and KfW.

Specific outputs included an Inception Report detailing specific measures and indicators for application, advisory reports supporting Sida's "No Objection" to CRDP proposals, support to Sida at annual revew meetings with ADB, and additional monitoring reports as required.