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Support to the Development of a Sustainable Biofuel Industry in Tanzania

Two consultants were contracted by the Embassy of Sweden in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to prepare an in-depth assessment of the proposed project ‘Strengthening Policy, Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Framework to Support the Development of a Sustainable Biofuel Industry in Tanzania’. The appraisal was a joint Sida/NORAD exercise.

The overall purpose of the assignment was three-fold:

  • to present an overview of the relevant issues in biofuel development in Tanzania;
  • to present a summary of on-going biofuel efforts in Tanzania;
  • to analyze the merits of Sida/Norad support to a request by the Ministry of Energy to finance a national Biofuels Task Force.

The assessment was centred on the following issues: Relevance, effectiveness & cost efficiency, feasibility, sustainability, coordination and risks.