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Support to the introduction of Public Internal Financial Control (PIFC) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The overall objective was to obtain a reformed, streamlined, harmonised, effective, transparent and service oriented public administration, capable of leading Bosnia and Herzegovina through the Stabilisation and Association Process and EU accession. The project supported the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, the Republika Srpska Ministry of Finance, the Federation of BiH Ministry of Finance and Brcko District government in collaboration with other relevant support programmes in strengthening the internal control environment of the public administration. Components:

  1. Support to the Central Harmonisation Units for PIFC and the Coordination board
  2. Implementing Internal Audit

Entity and BiH laws on Internal audit required the establishment of relevant Central Harmonisation Units (CHUs) as one of the first steps in implementation, as it is the responsibility of the CHU to begin with the implementation of the Internal Audit system within the public administration. The CHUs were to be established as departments/sectors of relevant Ministries of Finance, reporting directly to the highest management level. The CHU at the BiH level was formally established in April 2009 and all three governments have been supported through technical assistance to develop PIFC. The Laws on internal audit called for the establishment of the Coordination board for the CHUs to be responsible for:

  • Harmonisation of legislation in the area of internal audit in the public sector within the entire BiH territory.
  • Harmonisation of the training programmes for the certification of internal auditors.
  • Adoption of international standards for internal audit and an ethics code based on international standards.
  • Harmonisation of internal audit procedures and methodologies.
  • Agreement on the Strategy of development of internal audit in the public sector of BiH.
  • The project also supported civil service training and assessed and quality assured the training programmes for internal auditors.