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Sustainable Livestock Management with emphasis on Agroforestry Systems and Complementary Fodder production during dry Seasons

The assignment was carried out in within the long term agriculture development programme FondeAgro. FondeAgro was an agricultural development and value chain project which was started in 2001 and is due for completion in 2010. Its main goal was to improve the incomes and livelihoods of peasants and small and medium size farmers and their families in two departments of Nicaragua, Matagalpa and Jinotega. The strategy of FondeAgro was made up of a combination of technical assistance, the development of credit services, institutional strenghtening and agribusiness development. 

The assignment’s objective was to promote the development of a sustainable livestock management in terms of improved productivity and income generation in a context of better environmental practices focusing on soil conservation and water conservation, forestry, biodiversity and landscape beauty.

20 model cattle farms were established with an integrated approach based on the concept of productive conservation. These farms were used to promote silvopastoral systems and fodder banks for good quality feeding during dry season; The use of fodder chopper machines; The promotion of better practices in agriculture as a platform for farm development taking into account soil and water resources protection; The establishment of systems of water supply for cattle and humans; and To strengthen local farm leaders in sustainable livestock through capacity building based on theoretical and practical training.