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Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Public Sector for Cooperation with CSOs

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the democratic and policy making process of public institutions in line with the European Union values and pluralism. More specifically, the project will contribute to strengthen the capacity of key public institutions for communicating and collaborating with civil society at both central and local level. The project provides services for increasing i) the level of awareness of the senior officials of local administrations and CSO representatives about the importance of the civil society participation to the decision-making mechanisms, ii) the understanding of concept and role of civil society amongst senior public officials and iii) the number of joint projects implemented between CSOs and public institutions; the creation of an online platform of “Knowledge Hub” which will be used by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) staff at local and central level to share knowledge and experience on CSO cooperation. The project will also improve the institutional capacity of the MoI and Ministry for EU Affairs (MEUA) staff, local administrations and other stakeholders through study visits, trainings, workshops, seminars and awareness-raising activities.