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Technical Assistance to Support the Implementation of the Local Government Reform Programme, LGRP, Phase II: Decentralisation by Devolution

The purpose of the LGRP II (D by D) was to achieve devolution of government’s role and functions, transforming Local Government Authorities (LGAs) into competent leaders and coordinators of socio-economic development, accountable and transparent service delivery and poverty reduction. Following the Local Government Reform Programme I, the government formulated Phase II (2008–2013) focusing on ‘Decentralisation by Devolution’ (D by D). LGRP I raised awareness of local government reform, enhanced capacities of local authorities and people’s participation in local development.

The following eight key issues were addressed under LGRP II (D by D) :

  • Vision and commitment to a model/system of decentralisation at all levels of the society
  • Leadership and management in LGAs
  • Capacity at all levels of local government
  • Capacity of the central agencies to lead, backstop and oversee decentralisation
  • Enabling legislative framework for D by D
  • Demand side of accountability for service delivery and resources use
  • Alignment of resources allocation to strategic priorities at the levels of central and sector ministries, RAs and LGAs
  • Accountability, monitoring ad evaluation.

The strategic objectives of the LGRP II (D by D) were to: Eliminate the policy, institutional, legal, organisational and operational bottlenecks to the realisation of D by D policy at all levels of government; build LGA capacity to be efficient and effective organisations as the primary, inclusive and accountable lead actors in the planning, implementation and delivery of basic social services, socio-economic development and poverty reduction interventions in their areas of jurisdiction; Enhance the participation and demand for accountability and integrity by citizens for efficient and effective use of public resources, delivery of public services and poverty reduction; and Achieve timely, efficient and effective implementation of LGRP II (D by D). The Programme has four components ‘Enabling environment for D by D’, ‘Capacity development of LGAs’, ‘Enhanced citizen participation and accountability’ and ‘Programme management and accountability’.