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Latest Project References

ICPAC is a specialized institution of IGAD mandated to do climate motoring, prediction and applications of climate information in various socio-economic......more
Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia
Mangroves for the Future (MFF) has its origin in the disaster caused by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004. It is a partner-led platform for promoting......more
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam
The RBF engagement in Myanmar has the form of a challenge fund with three ’windows’. Grants will be awarded on the basis of the merit of the project......more
It is well documented that drought is a complex natural hazard that is global in nature, with wide impact that cut across many sectors of any society and......more
Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan
This assignment, involving reviews of three organisations, was commissioned by Norad through its Framework Agreement for Organisational Reviews of Civil......more
Brazil, Indonesia, Liberia
In order to get a profound background to suggest what results Sweden should aim for in the new country strategy for Sudan in the area of “Environment, and......more
The Government of Mozambique’s initiative, Terra Segura, was launched with the objective of regularizing land tenure rights in priority and selected......more
Lot 1: Sustainable management of Natural Resources and Resilience includes projects within the following subsectors:1. Agriculture1.1. Crop production,......more
Vi Agroforestry (Vi-skogen) is a Swedish development cooperation organisation working with poverty reduction and improvement of the environment through tree......more
Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda