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Latest Project References

The Government of the Republic of Zambia, with the support of the World Bank, is implementing the Zambia Integrated Forest Landscape Project (ZIFLP) in......more
The purpose of this evaluation was to assist Sida and Lantmäteriet in assessing the performance of the IMPULS project, to learn from what has worked well and......more
Bosnia and Herzegovina, North-Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro
The review was commissioned by Norad as part of its grant management procedures. The review was commissioned as a call-off assignment under a Norad Framework......more
The objective of the baseline study is to assess the horticulture value chain with a view to uncovering the challenges and opportunities for investment in......more
ICPAC is a specialized institution of IGAD mandated to do climate motoring, prediction and applications of climate information in various socio-economic......more
Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia
The Government of Mozambique’s initiative, Terra Segura, was launched with the objective of regularizing land tenure rights in priority and selected......more
The objective of the Agriculture Sector Modernization Project is to increase agriculture productivity, improve market access, enhance value addition of......more
Sri Lanka
It is well documented that drought is a complex natural hazard that is global in nature, with wide impact that cut across many sectors of any society and......more
Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan
This assignment was a Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the programme Agriculture for food security, AgriFoSe2030 – translating science into policy and practice,......more